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A technology landmine is how to extract valuable information from multiple sources like online reviews, survey questionnaires and so on.This example inbound research scraped social media content and detected the data closely to generate it as one bundled list. This should be differentiated from automated program which analyzes huge internet for keywords or takes collection of keywords from media outlets or through manual data inputs of diverse subresources .The notes segment helps build a graphic presentation that works hand-in-hand with a brand positioning. Here we identify topical keyword used on site help them kick start content generation without extra junk-ass information that come up when preparing the networking pitch or script submission. Social media is essentially imbedded into the digital ecosystem so topics like human-machine interface (HMI) design, marketing using digital channels and. Health, beauty and cosmetics are not only useful as well as pleasant but also highly profitable. When you want to try something you don’t know how to use or can’t find in local stores or online, then having a chance to use alternatives such as beauty equipment is highly desired. Our AI writing assistant helps you shave minutes off the process of searching on different websites when you need the best-fit item. You write constantly and avoid distractions while putting the experience into action.Make internet shopping as simple, effective and useful as possible by using online recommendations.